The B&B      


The B&B


The Lunajanka B&B (which is separated from the rest of the house, and has it's own entrance) is a restful place surrounded by greenery and has a wonderful panaoramic view of Sicily and the Eolian Islands. The B&B is only a short distance from both the centre of Palmi and the beach.
There are 3 double bedrooms available, each with a private bathroom. Two of these bedrooms have a sea view. Other features of the B&B include an LCD TV, air conditioning, heating and internet connection.
Near the B&B, you are able to go jogging at anytime of the day along the coast, where you can admire a unique panoramic view that stretches from Capo Vaticano to the
Strait of Messina. There are a number of day trips that can be taken which will bring you to some of the most beautiful locations in Calabria and Sicily (such as Tropea, Scilla, Taormina, Panarea and Lipari).
There are also various companies who organise trips for tourists. These trips include underwater activities, mini cruises which follow the Purple Coast or go to the Eolian Islands, nature trips on the Aspromonte mountains and hiking trips from Palmi to Sant'Elia mountain which then descends down the cliff face to the beach.

You may also just spend the day relaxing at the B&B, waking up to the sound of birds singing, having breakfast (with typical local produce) in the garden under the gazebo with a full view of the beach, sunbathing or going for a swim in the pool, having a BBQ, enjoying the shade under the pine trees whilst reading a good book and then waiting for the evening to arrive, hopefully to enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the Eolian Islands (when there is no haze).


But you can also spend a day relaxing in the Bed and Breakfast waking up to the singing of birds, making breakfast (with typical local products) in the garden under the gazebo overlooking the sea, sunbathe or take a swim in the pool disturbed only by the hand of the cicadas or the flight of swallows, prepare a grill to barbecue, enjoying the cool under the pines by reading a good book and waiting for the evening with the hope of enjoying a breathtaking sunset on the Aeolian islands (where there is no haze) or, when it is dark, with the telescope to admire the stars or the moon reflecting its light on the silver olive trees and the sea.

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Who are we?

We are a doctor and a teacher, with 3 children, who have always loved being surrounded by friends. Our home has always been a meeting point for anybody who enjoys the company of others, particularly for whoever loves music. Actually our place is more than just a home, it is more like a recording studio seeing as there are 2 pianos, various guitars and harmonicas, microphones, mixers, sound boxs, a flute , and finally also a violin.

It was during one of these nights filled with good food and good music that we decided to open our doors to anybody who wishes to spend their holidays in Calabria. This will allow us to broaden our knowledge whilst getting to meet new people with whom we may develop good friendships, or even just allowing us to enrich our cultural journey and being able to show you the Calabria we love.