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Lunajanka B&B is situated in Palmi  where  Costa Viola (Purple Coast) begins.

The Coast was named by Platone, because he was impressed by  the colours of its sunset

Palmi's coast is set halfway between low sandy beaches and high rocky cliffs: the unquestionable beauty of the view is due to the fact of its position, it is surrounded by  vegetation that is typically Mediterranean, which characterizes the scenery: palms, orange gardens and above all olives that disclose along the "piana di Palmi" (Palmi's lowland).
As far as scenery is concerned, Mount Sant'Elia is of great importance, it hangs over the city: here the view is unique. From this imposing terrace the eye dominates not only the city of Palmi, but all the plane, and it gets lost when it meets the horizon, where majestically still, as if on a throne, are the Eolie Isles. This is a coast that has rocky and wild walls, up to 600m high.
















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